Balloon Animal Instructions - How to Make Balloon Animals

One Balloon Snake – Balloon Animal Lessons #32

In this episode of Balloon Animal Lessons, you will learn how to make a One Balloon Snake.  

One Balloon Frog – Balloon Animal Lessons #31

Learn how to make balloon animals. This episode will teach you how to make a One Balloon Frog.

How to make a One Balloon Giraffe

This is a basic one balloon giraffe. It is perfect for those who are just starting to make balloon animals.   The video below will walk you through how to make a giraffe out of only one balloon.

One Balloon Monkey

Everyone loves monkeys. They are the most popular of all the balloon animals. This is a quick and easy one balloon monkey. It is perfect for line and restaurant work.

One Balloon Heart

Learn how to make a one balloon heart. A one balloon heart is the most widely used heart design. Hearts are a very popular reuest among young girls, and couples. It is easy because it is one balloon and only have one twist. It is also very difficult because the balloon needs to be shaped into a […]

One Balloon Cat

This is one of the first challenges you face when you start making balloon animals. How do you make a Cat out of just one balloon? This may not be the best balloon cat design. But it is the best one balloon cat design. You can also use this for a tiger, leopard , cheetah, and other felines.

Simple Sword

This is the easiest of all balloon designs. It is also one of the most requested. Some balloon twisters feel the need to make detailed swords. Showing off a fancy Sword it great, but don’t underestimate the simple one balloon sword. When you are under a time constraint and need to get a balloon into every child’s […]

Basic Balloon Dog

This video will show you how to make a simple one balloon dog. This is the very beginning of balloon twisting. This is the first design that most balloon twisters start with. Not only is it a classic design, but it has come to be an icon for balloon twisting.      

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