Balloon Animal Instructions - How to Make Balloon Animals

MBFloyd – Lion Balloon Bracelet

Available in the Balloon Store, learn how to make a Balloon Lion Bracelet This design is a cute and simple. It can be made quickly, making it perfect for line and restaurant work. You can Buy It for $5  

Nifty Balloons – Super Suits

Super Suits are wearable super hero costumes with BIG visual impact and lots of possible variations. Learn a few simple techniques that will open up a whole new world of costume design. They’re comfortable and fully articulated, allowing kids to really act out their Super Hero dreams! In this 4 video set you will learn […]

MBFloyd – Balloon Bird

 Now in The Balloon Store, learn how to make a Balloon Bird. This design can be used on a hat or a bracelet. It is big and impressive, yet quick and simple enough for line or restaurant work.

MBFloyd – Snake Puppet

Available now in the Store, a Balloon Snake Puppet. This is a fun design to use in stage shows or venues where you want to attract a lot of attention. Made from 100% balloons, this puppet has a fully articulated mouth. Its segmented body allows for full character manipulation. Use a ventriloquist dummy or for a stage puppet.

MBFloyd – Whale Puppet

The balloon puppet that started it all. Learn how to make a Balloon Whale Puppet. It is a quick, simple, and impressive design. This puppet has a moving mouth, allowing you to use it as a ventriloquist dummy or as a stage puppet. It is made from 100%, allowing you to make one from scratch when ever you need. It […]

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