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Author Topic: Holder w/ T'Snipit  (Read 815 times)
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« on: September 08, 2011, 10:23:56 AM »

I thought I would post a review of a piece of equipment that has been quite helpful for us.

First note, the holder is a large plastic block that has grooves for strings/rubber bands to hold to and attached the holder to the pump/equipment.  The holder can also be placed inside of the pocket as well, but I have not done this as it has always been attached to the pump.

The T'Snipit is a small letter opener that is not all that impressive by itself.  Place it on the holder and attach it to your pump and suddenly you have a tool that is invaluable.  This part is the most valuable but easy to replace.  Issue is, when it breaks, make sure to locate the razor blade immediately.  Most of the times it stays with the piece of plastic that broke off.  The T'Snipit can break if you drop the pump or simply hit it too hard.  In 1 year, between two people, I have had to replace the T'Snipit part of the combo twice, but it was after having my pump fall over on the T'Snipit.

What is a Holder w/ T'Snipit good for?  Well, when you simply need to quickly trim a balloon and don't want to dig for scissors, the T'Snipit solves that problem.  It is in an easy to find spot (your pump or pocket) and gets the job done quickly.  It also has a small groove in it to help hold a balloon that was cut in half.  It takes some practice for this part, but the trick is you need to twist the nozzle end of the snipped balloon a little and than shove it into the grove.  Works great if you are not used to holding onto two balloons at the same time while splitting one balloon in two.

Replacement of the T'Snipit in the holder....   If you break your T'Snipit, you will need to get a replacement T'Snipit.  I reckon you could simply buy a letter opener, that is your choice.  I bought 4 T'Snipits for a small discount and did the replacements myself.  Simply take the screw out of the holder and remove the broken scrap.  Take the new T'Snipit and break off the tab with some pliers.  I grinded the stub that stuck out on the T'Snipit with some pliers to help it fit better into the holder.  Position the T'Snipit inside of the holder and make sure it has full range of motion prior to putting the screw in.  The T'Snipit does not have a hole for the screw to go into, but the screw will drill the hole into it with ease.  Finish screwing in and the job is done.

Who to order from?

Prices (8Sept2011)?
Holder w/ T'Snipit -  $11.75 + S/H

Replacement T'Snipits
1 T'Snipit - $3.00 + S/H

4 T'Snipits - $10.00 + S/H

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