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Author Topic: The Craziness of being an all around performer  (Read 782 times)
J.D. Ebos
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« on: March 21, 2009, 09:25:47 AM »

Let me start by saying I got my butt handed to me in a jar last night. lol I was working a fundraiser; doing balloons, and then acting as an auctioneer.  Well as it turns out the talent show that was meant to happen didn't.  So at the last minute they all remembered that I juggle, and so of course, I had to do an imprompteau show.  Ok, I have done many many street shows so that wasn't the problem.  The problem was that I ended up performing for a solid three hours.  Mind you, I had loads of fun, but I'm definately a little out of shape for all this.  SO, Word of warning.... If you advertise what ALL you do, people will take you up on it. Its crazy fun, but allow some time in the morning to recover from the exhaustion.  Cheesy

Anyone else have any funny stories about this?


J.D. Ebos

Putting the Fun back in Dysfunctional.
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« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2009, 11:02:01 AM »

Well at least you had fun.

Iam finding out that as im learning how to tie balloons and now juggle my family and friends are taking it upon themsleves to volunteer me for things that i dont know that im ready for

InKrEdible IKE
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« Reply #2 on: March 21, 2009, 02:46:02 PM »

ike!  OK, here is a good point!  I am a fan of (as in FANATIC fan) of Lois McMaster Bujold and her odd little hero Miles Vor Kosigan  aka Admiral Nasmith.  Miles is ALWAYS (always always) finding himself in a situation where he is WAY over his head (well, hi IS 4-9!) and to keep from being killed, or found out, he uses what he calls "Forward Momentum!"  Just keep smoking along so fast that you can't be caught!  You never know, someone might be right behind you!  Plunge in, JUMP, run INTO the fire!  And keep running!  Just keep moving ahead faster than anyone can catch up!  You will be FINE!

Remember something VERY important that  I learned about performing magic....It DOESN'T MATTER what goes wrong!  I have had probably 2 flawless performances in 31 years!  and I am probably lying about that!  (Bad Memory!  Al is moving in I fear!)  but the secret here is.....NOBODY KNOWS what is supposed to happen but YOU!  If you keep smoking along, they will never know !

I had a trick that i totally blew.  a cut and restored rope gag....Forgot to reset the gag!  DAMN!   AFter my third plunge into the change bag, I came out with the obviously UN REPAIRED rope.   I tossed it over my shoulder and said, "Well, that is a bad trick!  Let's do ANOTHER ONE!  Taaa Daaaa!  Give my assistant a BIG round of applause for helping me!   Yaaaaaa!"

Two rules!   1) TREAT ALL KIDS WITH RESPECT!  I call boys SIR and girls Ma'am or "dear!"  and I give EVERY CHILD MY UNDIVIDED attention when they are helping me!

Rule 2)  if someone is going to look silly.....That someone is going to be ME!  I am a BIG boy and I can take it.  the KID ON STAGE is always the HERO of the bit!  Always always always!  WRITE THAT ON YER HAND so you don't fergit!

The Kids are ALWAYS out smarting, out witting or simply out cute-ing me!  GOOD FOR THEM!  I go home, that kid stays THERE IN THE CLASS ROOM!

I recently had the somewhat embarassing experience of meeting a young woman who said, "Yeah, I know you!  You came to our school and did a magic trick.  I broke your little box! I have never forgotten how embarrassed I was that day!"

ACK!  I apologised profusely and she was gracious enough to realize that I was embarrassed about it.  but she helped in a show when she was 5 or 6....she is now 30!  and she remembers that trick to this DAY!

Just remember, keep running so that you don't get caught and be rrespectful of others.
other than that....have fun!

Papa Mark

how do you get to Carnige Hall? ...........PRACTICE!
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