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News: The balloon animal supply store is closing so i can spend more time on  making videos.
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 on: July 01, 2015, 11:08:06 PM 
Started by Mr. Boma - Last post by Mr. Boma
One more look:

 on: July 01, 2015, 11:07:19 PM 
Started by Mr. Boma - Last post by Mr. Boma
And another - this one is a little different:

 on: July 01, 2015, 11:06:33 PM 
Started by Mr. Boma - Last post by Mr. Boma
Here's another:

 on: July 01, 2015, 11:02:32 PM 
Started by Mr. Boma - Last post by Mr. Boma
My latest YouTube Tutorial is for the Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars movies. Episode VII is less than 6 months away!

 on: June 27, 2015, 01:03:15 PM 
Started by jillybilly1976 - Last post by WsmpjjiSap
Это было круто !

 on: June 24, 2015, 02:01:28 PM 
Started by TaterTot - Last post by jillybilly1976
I use the carnival, vibrant and character assortments - although I don't buy the character assortment very often anymore - I buy the grey, white, lime green, pink, light blue, blush, black, mocha and chocolate balloons by the 100.  I don't use 160s for many of my balloons but I do keep about 2 bags worth of the traditional assortment on hand.  I keep assorted, white, yellow and green 5" rounds, assorted, red and pink 5" hearts, assorted vibrant 5" geo blossoms, assorted, green and white 11" rounds.

I think it really depends on your location and what you're comfortable making though.  I'm sure I have things on my menu that you won't be making for a while.  And Our football teeam colours are green and white, so those colours go fast.  And red (but my supplier doesn't carry it by the 100) I can't keep enough in stock.

 on: June 23, 2015, 07:15:38 AM 
Started by TaterTot - Last post by Karen Climer
When I first started, I had a pretty good selection of 260s. I avoid the transparent colors. If you are buying assorted bags, go with the carnival assortment.  I also would carry a decent selection of 160s. White 5" rounds are important for making eyes. Also, a few yellow and red 321s and assorted pink hearts.

If you want to use the printed heads, I use alien heads, spiderman, and hello kitty the most.

That's what I used when I started. Today, I carry a huge swifty bag full of everything.

 on: June 13, 2015, 03:35:18 PM 
Started by Nat - Last post by Nat
***** Birthday Party June 13, 2015*****

This was a 2 hour birthday party that was outside and carnival themed.

***** Trouble *****
The children were given cups with their names on it.  They had tickets and tokens.  One child was showing me her cup when I asked her name for me to read... so I spelled it out "B ... R.... I .... D.... G....E....T....  TROUBLE!"  Someone else showed me their cup and I spelled that one out "A.... N..... N....  DOUBLE TROUBLE!"   One of the girl's responded "Heeeeey!  That's not my name!"  I simply looked up and responded, "Then why are your teeth blue?"  She had been eating cotton candy and sure enough bright blue teeth.  They were laughing and the girl giggled and covered up her teeth.

*****How often do your balloons pop *****
How often do your balloons pop - I simply answered "once per balloon - that is why I don't eat air - if I eat air, I might pop!"  This opened up a whole new strange conversation that got sillier by the minute!

***** You look like you need a.... *****
I had a girl who came up and stated she didn't know what she needed... I looked at her and studied her for a little bit and told her "I figured out what you need!"  "What...?" she asked.  With extreme enthusiasm I responded "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!!! You are totally into that, aren't you!?!"  ....I think I was wrong given she laughed at me....

***** Thank You *****
When I was leaving I was given a small tip on top of my rate and the father of the birthday girl told me they had hired a slushy man to come out and he canceled with only 10 minutes heads up.  Apparently he told them simply "I am not coming."  He turned to me and told me straight up "... and then there is you, you came with your back out and did an outstanding job, thank you!"  My lower back went out Thursday and I am currently having trouble standing up, thankfully I have chairs for sitting down in so ... once I am positioned, I figured I would be okay - thankfully I was.  I just hated the transition to my car.

***** ACK!  Quit chocking the monkey! *****
I had a spurt where the monkey in the tree was popular.  So I would pull out the balloon the color they wanted the monkey, hand it to the child and pull out the tree balloons.  I turned to the first girl who requested one and freaked out "ACK!!!! Quit chocking the monkey! Looser grip, the poor thing can't breath!"

One girl responded "That isn't a monkey yet"  So I returned simply "That is too a monkey, he just happens to be on a diet!"

 on: May 24, 2015, 07:29:18 PM 
Started by TaterTot - Last post by TaterTot
SO, what would be a good starting lineup of balloons to have?  I can buy the traditional 200 bags of 260s, but I mean beyond that.  I want to fill my box and have a lengthy list of the most used balloons used by twisters.  Any suggestion is appreciated.  An example like a bag of this and a bag of open for suggestions.

 on: May 23, 2015, 09:47:34 PM 
Started by Nat - Last post by Nat
***** Farmers' Market May 23, 2015*****

****I want a stuffed animal in a balloon not in the balloon *****
One of my special creations is a stuffed animal I put inside of a balloon.  A child found the stuffed animal she really wanted, so she told me "I want the stuffed animal in a balloon, but not in the balloon.  I do not want to have to get it out...."

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