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August 04, 2015, 04:54:48 PM *
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News: The balloon animal supply store is closing so i can spend more time on  making videos.
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 on: August 01, 2015, 10:30:47 PM 
Started by unicorn - Last post by unicorn
The one balloon rug is universal.
It can be grass, water, sand, snow Smiley

 on: August 01, 2015, 09:22:37 PM 
Started by unicorn - Last post by unicorn
Hello everyone! Smiley
Here is one balloon camel tutorial.
On russian, but it is clear without knowing the language.
Camel Youtube video:
Sand for camel:

 on: August 01, 2015, 02:25:16 PM 
Started by Mr. Boma - Last post by Mr. Boma
Perhaps my most beloved creation and simultaneously my most hated video is the clownfish. Well, hate no more. I have created a new video for the clownfish using the overhead camera angle so it is (hopefully) easier to follow:

 on: July 28, 2015, 12:28:35 AM 
Started by Mr. Boma - Last post by Mr. Boma
There are a ton of Minion balloon designs out there. I had 3 goals with this design: 1. It had to have the right proportions. 2. It could not look like it had a separate head and body. 3. It couldn't use any specialty sizes or shapes.

 on: July 27, 2015, 05:55:50 PM 
Started by unicorn - Last post by unicorn
Looks cute - thanks for sharing.

thank you Smiley

 on: July 27, 2015, 04:30:12 PM 
Started by unicorn - Last post by Nat
Looks cute - thanks for sharing.

 on: July 27, 2015, 07:37:27 AM 
Started by unicorn - Last post by unicorn
Hi everyone. Accidentally made a frog.
Video on russian, but, hope, it is clear without knowing the language. Smiley

 on: July 25, 2015, 10:14:31 PM 
Started by Nat - Last post by Nat
This is going to be tricky - I apparently am not remembering my stories well this weekend.... Sad  I think I will add more if and when I remember them - so watch out for edits of this thread for the next week.

***** Corporate Picnic, July 24, 2015 *****

***** Giggles and more giggles *****'
Making a balloon for a child (7-8) and the child kept on giggling and giggling.  I would crack a joke and she would nearly lose it.  She would go back to giggling.  I finally asked what was so funny, and she responded "I have never seen this before!" and started giggling again.  The balloon meant so much for the child she was literally could not stop giggling.

***** OH NO - You're Going Bald! ******
Making a balloon hat, I was storing one of the balloons on a child's head.  I was ready for the balloon and removed it from the child's head and pulled out a hair that stuck to the balloon.  I pretended to be exasperated and in shock - "OH NO!  You are going bald - Maybe a hat isn't such a good idea for you!"  It had some entertaining responses to say the least.  

***** Hi Nat *****
....uh oh, some child just said hi Nat and I had no idea who it was!!! LOL  One of those moments, nothing much more.  I still have no idea how the child knew me.   Huh

***** 350 stem for a Woven Flower *****
I packed some 350 lime greens with me and I decided to try a woven flower with the 350 for a stem - it was a smashing hit.  The flower actually looked more proportionate with the larger stem!  They were extremely popular and the following day's event had the same result.

*****Kids Festival, Phillipsburg, MT, July 25, 2015 *****
Traveled 1.4 hours to Phillipsburg for a festival I was hired to entertain at, it was a lot of fun but extremely exhausting!

***** Wind and Weather *****
While I was setting up, I saw a photo booth being setup by a gal and it was quite flimsy.  I stated suggestions for weighting it down... suggested strapping the walls down some how so they weren't flapping in a developing wind.  She commented, yep, I will need to talk to my boss and suggest some improvements.  Well, I had some stakes for a canopy that she was able to use ... I pulled out some rope and we tied down the walls for the booth...  we used duct tape and rocks to help the door dangle and not fly in the wind.  After some MacGyver rigging, we got her ready for operating and she had a successful day!

***** Your Military - I Knew You Would be Punctual! *****
I apologized to the organizer for lack of communication by email - he shrugged it off and told me simply, "I know you are military - you would be punctual, I wasn't worried...." and walked off.  LOL

***** They Don't Like You! *****
A group of about 6 teenage girls came up to my line to get a balloon for each of them.  As they did, they would peel off and leave the group.  I commented when only two were left ..... "They don't like you - they all left!  Gee - what kind of friends do you have?"
"They didn't all leave, she stayed!" (she pointed to a girl way at the end of the line who had already gotten her balloon from me)
"She didn't leave, but she sure is keeping her distance from you.... like she knows something about you or doesn't trust you!"
They had some fun responses, but they had to think it all through.

**** All Out of Dogs! ****
I had a teen in the line and she wanted a red dog, I turned to her and simply stated "Sorry, all out of dogs...."
She turned to her dad and sounding disappointed commented "Ohhhh...."
Normally teenagers will get it, this one fell for it hook line and sinker!

***** What are you going to name your horse? *****
I asked a child "What are you going to name your horse?"
Child "I dun know..."
Me:  "I dun know, that is an odd name for a horse.  Imagine having a friend as which horse you are going to ride, I dun know.... well, if you dun know, why not ride this horse?  No, I wanna ride I dun know!"  
I played it for a little bit as an Abbott and Costello routine of sorts.

***** Cold - Please Get My Coat *****
The wind had picked up and I was beginning to freeze.  I turned to a father whose child was in line and asked him - can you get my coat out of my car.  Told him where it was and where the coat was ... and he went and got it.  Once again - love small Montana towns.  Smiley  

***** Caterpillar *****
I had a young child who wanted something specific and I asked her for permission to make her a caterpillar with brand new balloons.  I told her honestly that I had never inflated one before and I really wanted to see them, and made her a deal... if she didn't like it, I would keep the balloon and make her another one.  I finished blowing up the balloon, slapping eyes on it and a smile and she exclaimed "My caterpillar!" and walked off happy!  A mother at the end of the line and commented pointing at every child in line individually (including her own)....  "Caterpillar for you, caterpillar for you, caterpillar for you....  " all the way through the line.  If only.... this was during the last 15 minutes of the four hour run.

***** Broke Pump! *****
Well, the Mac Pump broke half way through my 4 hour gig - thankfully I took my wife's pump with me and had a spare one.  I can not imagine how humiliated I would have been if I had not been able to continue on without a pump!  Now to figure out how to fix the pump, it was something internally that I think released causing it to stop functioning correctly...

***** No Tips! *****
I was nearing the final hour and notice several children with dollar bills in their hands waiting for a balloon.  I commented - the balloons are free, money is not required.  The mother commented, yes, but you are probably going to be late leaving because of us, we want to tip you.  I responded, "I will not accept the tips - if I accept your tip, everyone else will feel obligated to tip me.  That is not why I am here, please put it away."  While, I suppose I could have accepted the tips - the event was a free event - no one should have felt guilty enough to tip me.  I simply finished the creations quickly and was only about 5-7 minutes late (no big deal).    

***** Help with packing up *****
At the end of the day I was out of it... I ended up having some free pizza for a quick dinner leaving my gear unguarded (small town ... and no one was around the park anymore).  After regaining some of my energy, the photo booth gal proceeded to offer me her help with the packing up.  Normally this would slow me down, but I was able to find a system where her help was quite useful.  It really helped to speed me along and not burn me out throwing stuff into the car.  It was in a way, her way of being neighborly as I am sure she was sharing her appreciation to my assistance with her setup earlier on.

 on: July 22, 2015, 09:00:43 AM 
Started by Shadpoke - Last post by jillybilly1976
it's been a slow year for me too Nat I think only 8 for the year so far and 3 more booked for the summer.  Thankfully my one booking in August is a big job - going to be a long day - 6 hours total for travel and 5-6 hours of twisting and I have to head home that night because I work my full time job the next day.  But it'll be worth it, I had to replace a lot of my equipment earlier this year and pretty much depleated my balloon income savings.

 on: July 21, 2015, 11:24:36 AM 
Started by Shadpoke - Last post by Nat
I tend to mostly watch the General forums... rarely have time for much more.  I try to keep up the stories as I work gigs - thankfully I have 2 this weekend so hopefully I will have some funny stories to share!!!

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