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How to make a Balloon Helicopter

This two balloon Helicopter is great for when you are twisting at restaurants or performing for younger children. It is simple enough to be made quickly. Yet, it looks enough like a helicopter to please kids. You will need two 260 balloons, preferably different colors. If you are just beginning as a balloon twister, this […]

How to make a Balloon Stegosaurus Dinosaur

Learn how to make a balloon Stegosaurus Dinosaur. This is a simple two balloon design that is perfect for line work. If you would like to buy the balloon Dog Logo shirt I am wearing, you may purchase on at    

How to Make a Balloon Motorcycle / Bicycle

Every Balloon Twister needs a quick balloon Bike. Ever since the movie Wedding Crashers came out, the demand to “make me a Bike Clown” has been tossed out as a challenge to anyone who is brave enough to make balloons. With this quick and impressive design, you will not only be able to make any […]

How to Tie a Balloon

Many people have trouble when it comes to┬átying a balloon. If you are using a wrong method, tying a balloon can take several minutes and you can end up with sore red fingers. This video shows how to tie a balloon quickly with little wear on your hands. The method shown can be use with […]

How to make a One Balloon Giraffe

This is a basic one balloon giraffe. It is perfect for those who are just starting to make balloon animals.   The video below will walk you through how to make a giraffe out of only one balloon.

How to Make a Two Balloon Horse

Need to learn a quick two balloon horse? This short video will show you how to twist a horse out of two 260 balloons. This is one of the most popular balloon designs that I use.

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