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Mousey Mick

Learn how to make a Balloon Mousey Mick.

This design is easily recognizable and quick enough to be used for Line Work or at Restaurants.

Impress your clients with one of their favorite characters.

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2 Comments to "Mousey Mick"

  1. kyla says:

    IM just kid and i have seen alot of your videos but to get to the point….
    you make AWESOME balloon animlas!!!!
    and thanks for telling everyone to make cool things =) ;D C:

  2. Ranvir says:

    IM just a kid but i am really interested in balloon making i have seen tons of your videos and they are awesome now that i saw your balloon dog video and i can make one now! all thanks to you and can you make a video on how you inflate your balloons and a video on the most complicated balloon design you ever made

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