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Two Balloon Flower

Learn how to make a basic two balloon flower.

This design is perfect for line and restauran work.

You can use any colors you like, but please, keep the stem and leaves a shade of green.

For additional twister points, make three flowers of different colors and attach then together to make a bouquet.


5 Comments to "Two Balloon Flower"

  1. Simon Leach says:

    Hi Michael
    I love this flower. I have been looking for a different style of flower for a while and this is it. With the large leaves of the stem and the many flower petels of the head, this flower has character…Thank you Michael I will be using this style from now on in my shows…by the way I like the new look web site.

  2. Sweet Mimi the Clown says:

    Thanks. Your videos are clear and a great help.

  3. i have resently started working with balloons.your ideas have helped me immensely thank you

  4. Dean says:

    Fantastic tutorials, I’m sure a lot of people are VERY grateful (I am) one question though, How do you combine the third balloon for the extra petals please?

  5. addy says:

    this one is reallll fun. lots of girls ask for flowers and this one is a real pleaser!!

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