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Two Balloon Butterfly

A Butterfly is a request you will get often from girls. Don’t think that it has to be big, or highly detailed. Most of the time, girls are just looking for something colorful.

One solution for a quick butterfly is this two balloon design. It allows for two complimentary colors.  It can be made very quickly, making it ideal for line and restaurant work.

If you are new to balloon twisting, this is a good design to learn.




3 Comments to "Two Balloon Butterfly"

  1. Courtney says:

    Hey Michael!

    I just want to tell you, you are my balloon twisting idol! I’ve been doing the basics for a little over a year, but I’ve grown tired of the boring same old balloons without character. I just recently started doing more research on shapes and ideas, and your videos are so helpful and so clear! I want to thank you for that. Other videos go very fast and I constantly have to pause it to catch up.

    Thanks for all of your help!

  2. addy says:

    yeahhhh totally roxxx

  3. steven says:

    I like your videos and watch them when ever I can. Keep up the good work.

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