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One Balloon Monkey

Everyone loves monkeys. They are the most popular of all the balloon animals.

This is a quick and easy one balloon monkey. It is perfect for line and restaurant work.


6 Comments to "One Balloon Monkey"

  1. sean says:

    Thanks for the design! I had really needed a good monkey balloon.

  2. sakura says:

    thanks! beautiful, can’t wait to try it later, have to buy some balloon first!

  3. Vik says:

    Thanks Michael. Just branching out into balloons and your site is the best for instructions.

  4. Vina says:

    Thanks! I’m making balloon targets for an archery practice (hey, the kids like to shoot balloons!) and the variety on this website has to be the best. ~_~

  5. barry perhamsky says:

    I too am a balloon artist, however i never learned how to make a monkey. I do everything but a monkey.

    A lion or tiger on a stick is really cool, but after it’s made, you need to draw a face. If however you make a lion or tiger with a body, you really don’t need to draw a face unless you want to. Orange for the tiger, and goldenrod for the lion.

  6. Jane says:

    Very cute one balloon monkey. Better than the one I use. Thanks for posting this. Love it!

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