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Axtell Balloon Puppets

From Axtell Expression, comes a Balloon Puppet rig called “Twist & Talk“.

For $149.95, you get a simple puppet stick with a pull string that open and closes a lower jaw.

A balloon head is attached to the upper jaw, and a balloon jaw is attached the the lower jaw. The stick is then hidden in a balloon body.

The kit comes with a stand for display and to aid in the building process. It also comes with additional mouth filling “plates” to accommodate charters with different shaped mouths.

According to there website, there is a 6-8 weeks wait. Probably, so they can manufacture the Puppet sticks as they are ordered.

Axtell and Nifty Balloons, have provided free instructions on two characters, a Duck and a Man.


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  1. Sorice Domi says:

    Hi I’m looking for Twist & Talk system.
    deliver them into the Switzerland?
    what it cost to ship in the Switzerland?
    I am waiting for your answer bye Domi

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